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Shelton Walsmith


Shelton Walsmith


   Shelton and I met almost 2 years ago while doing live camera work together. He's an amazing friend and artist; we thought it would be nice to capture his creative process from start to finish.   
   Filmed at his studio in Brooklyn over the course of 2 days. The first shoot was in March'16. With the help of his son Giles, we focused on getting the canvas attached to the frame and gessoed. ("Gesso" is the process of applying a thin layer of acrylic to the canvas to ensure it is sealed and slightly hardened. Without gesso the paint would soak into the canvas) The second shoot was in Nov'16. This day the intention was to finish the entire 75" X 105" canvas. Over the course of 3.5 hours and one coffee, (half of which is forever a part of the canvas) I watched Shelton create "Sweet American Pantsuit”
   You can view more of Shelton's work here.